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Mrs. Shobha Bhatia

Mrs. Shobha Bhatia


Being a founder Principal it is a proud moment to celebrate the 43 years journey of Holy Child Public School, a journey of excellence from 1976 to 2019. It is the anniversary of the raising of scientific, significant annual milestone to pause and reflect the activities, developments and innovations and above all revisit the vision for future.

For the sake of these reasons and posterity, I take the opportunity to highlight some of the achievements that brought laurels to the school. The academic front has been stabilized with historic board results to bring academic excellence which has been our sacred duty. Our students' performance and participation in much academic competition have been outstanding.

We have reasons to celebrate on the co-curricular and extracurricular fronts as well. Each year our children are participating in different games as volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics, taekwondo, swimming, karate, etc. and filling our cap with colorful feathers by outshining in these events.

Infrastructure wise our commitment to provide the best infrastructure has been fulfilled. Our journey from blackboard to the smartboard classes cannot be ignored. The school website has also been accomplished to update the public. Altogether the progress of the school has been a true reflection of the abilities and forte of the school team.

We need not rest on our achievements, we still have a lot to catch up. For enhancing the effectiveness academically, we organize the workshops for students and teachers. More such programs are being planned for teachers.

In the end, I would like to take this opportunity to seek the continued support, good wishes and blessings of all on completely reaching forty three years successfully.


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